The exhibition "We Defend Our Native Home" opened in Perm after re-exposure


It is dedicated to the region's contribution to strengthening the country's defense capability and the involvement of the Kama region residents in supporting the special operation fighters.

On February 15, at the Perm Shpagin factory. The exhibition "We Defend Our Homeland", which became a logical continuation of "Weapons of Victory", resumed its work. Dmitry Makhonin, Governor of the Perm Region, was one of the first to visit the renewed exposition.

The head of the region noted that the exhibition plays an important role in the education and upbringing not only of the younger generation, but also of all those who are interested in the history of their country. "The exhibition "We defend our native home" is of great importance from the point of view that it shows us the background of the special military operation. It also explains and why our great-grandfathers defended the country's independence during World War II. After the renovation, the exposition became more media-friendly and changed visually. I thank the defense enterprises of the region for their contribution to the project, as well as indifferent fellow countrymen for sharing the exhibits", - said Dmitry Makhonin.

The Governor also stated that he plans to ensure that the exhibition will operate in a permanent mode until the end of 2026: "We will supplement it with new exhibits, update it visually as well - we have a lot to show. In particular, the Permodezhda team has found a unique uniform from the Second World War - we plan to show it to visitors as well".

After the re-exposition, residents and guests of the Kama region can see some of the military uniforms from the Great Patriotic War, made at Permodezhda. The items produced in the Kama region after the Great Patriotic War - for example, S-8 missiles designed to destroy enemy equipment and manpower from the air - have also become available. The expositions of Perm Cannon Plants, Mashinostroitel Plant, UNIICM and Perm Gunpowder Plant have been supplemented. The exhibition site has a new zone - "Genius General", a gallery of managers and scientists who worked at the enterprises of the Kama region since the middle of the XIX century. Among them are Nikolay Slavyanov, an engineer and inventor of electric arc welding of metals with a melting electrode, Alexander Bakaev, a Soviet scientist and founder of ballistic powder production, Arkady Shvetsov, Pavel Soloviev and others. The exposition of the same name is located on the site in front of the Shpagin plant. Shpagin. The exhibition "We defend our native home" also presents a real genealogy of the development of Perm's plants starting from the founding of the city.

The part of the exposition dedicated to the special military operation was also expanded. New exhibits, including the uniforms and protection of fighters on the Special Military Operation, were donated to the exhibition by Perm charitable foundations. Ksenia Kotova, head of the Kama Region Humanitarian Center, shared that the updated exhibition has become more detailed. "The stands indicate all volunteer organizations, commonwealths of the Kama region, which currently provide assistance to the fighters. The things that are made by volunteer hands are also presented - trench candles, nefopamnitsy, camouflage nets, dry soups and much more. The production of all the most necessary things for our fellow countrymen on the front line is growing. If earlier the help was made by some larger commonwealths, for example "MOLOT / PARMA ZA Svoykh", now in each school guys have started to make the necessary items. Thanks to this, we will be able to help more of our soldiers," said Ksenia Kotova.

Recall that the exhibition "We Defend Our Home" occupied 250 square meters and consists of three blocks. The first one tells about the reasons for the special operation based on the materials of the Association of Historical and Military History Museums, including the events on Maidan, the Russian Spring and the tragedy of Mariupol, the second one - about the cooperation between Perm Krai and Severodonetsk of the Lugansk People's Republic, and the third one - about Perm heroes of the SVO, servicemen and volunteers. The previously established exhibition "Weapons of Victory" features more than 400 exhibits. Among them are large-size equipment, including Grad MLRS, Msta-B howitzer, ML-20 corps howitzer-cannon, M-30 division howitzer, A-19 corps cannon, 120-mm mortar, 240-mm mortar, 130-mm M-46 cannon. Other military and civilian products, equipment, documents, posters and other items were also presented at the site.