Benefits of The SEZ Perm

On the territory of the SEZ are all regional benefits concerning access to engineering and transport infrastructure, as well as federal tax incentives and customs preferences.

All conditions have been created for the development of high-tech sectors of industry.

The investor who has obtained the status of a resident of the special economic zone "Perm" shall be charged on preferential terms for the use of the SEZ engineering infrastructure facilities. Location of connection points of engineering and transport infrastructure in close proximity to the border of the site.

Transport accessibility

SEZ «Perm» is located in the industrial hub «Osentsy», where a number of large enterprises are already located today.
Due to this, synergistic and multiplicative effects are created for SEZ residents.

International airport


Direct directions


Daily flights to Moscow

European route (E22)


Federal highways


Kilometers of roads

Trans-Siberian Railway


Kilometers of railroad tracks


Millions of tons of cargo

Access to the Five Seas


Kilometers of shipping lanes


Port: Perm, Tchaikovsky, Berezniki

Tax and customs exemptions

Providing SEZ residents with a full package of services

JSC «Management Company «SEZ Perm» supports its residents by providing them with a variety of services: engineering, utilities, legal, consulting, marketing, information, logistics, telecommunications, and security.

Savings on project launch time

Due to the available infrastructure on the territory of the SEZ, residents can launch their investment projects faster than if they were to implement them elsewhere.

Quality facilities with favorable tariffs

On the territory of the Perm SEZ a modern system of infrastructure will be laid, including electricity, gas supply, water supply, heat supply, storm sewerage, as well as roads. Each resident launching production on the territory of the Perm SEZ will be provided with the amount of capacities and resources it needs.

48.7 MW

Water supply
1500 m³/h

1500 m³/h

Heat supply
16.8 MW

Gas supply
20 000 m³/h

fiber optic networks, cellular mast

Intrasite roads
7 km

Human capacity

The availability of labor resources in connection with the location of SEZ «Perm» on the border of the city of Perm will allow to find the best personnel for the created production facilities on the territory of SEZ «Perm».


Scientific centers of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences



1 187 000

Person of the economically active population


Institutions of secondary vocational education

5 081

Graduates of universities

15 205

Graduates of professional educational organizations

Federal Competence Center STI on Photonics cross-cutting technology

NOC world-class "Rational Subsoil Use"

Large area
to build

SEZ «Perm» has an area of 234,7 Hectares, which can accommodate residents and pick up a plot of land depending on their needs.

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