Five investment projects were preliminarily approved in the SEZ "Perm" according to the results of the meeting of the Steering Committee


Last week, the first meeting of the Steering Committee for the Development of the Special Economic Zone of the Industrial Production Type "Perm" was held under the chairmanship of Dmitry Makhonin, Governor of the Perm Territory. This collegial body was created in order to coordinate any interaction on the development of the Special Economic Zone. In addition to representatives of the state authorities, the first meeting was also attended by five potential residents of SEZ Perm, who presented their draft business plans for obtaining resident status in SEZ Perm.

During the meeting, the company JSC "ODK-Perm Motors", which is a part of the state corporation JSC "UEC", presented its project. The aim of the project of JSC "ODK-PM" is the construction of a production complex for the serial production of aircraft engines PD-8, PD-14, PS-90A. The total area of the land plot for the construction of the new building on the territory of SEZ "Perm" will be 32,7 hectares. JSC "UEC-PM" also plans to create 2,036 new jobs, and the company is ready to invest ₽55.4 billion to implement its project.

Perm Shipyard LLC, the only shipbuilding enterprise in the Urals, presented its project for modernization of production facilities for production of river and sea vessels, metal structures, stopping and mooring complexes. In addition to shipbuilding, the company is also engaged in ship repair, manufacturing of industrial products and metal structures, as well as design activities. The purpose of cooperation with SEZ "Perm" is to develop logistical accessibility of the Perm Territory, construction of river vessels for cargo and passenger transportation and renewal of the Russian civil fleet. By 2030 thanks to the modernization of the production complex on the territory of SEZ "Perm" the company plans to create 185 new jobs. The total investment volume that "Perm Shipyard" LLC is ready to provide is about 2,5 billion ₽.

OOO "Osentsovsky Steel-Rolling Plant" is another company that is planning to become a resident of SEZ "Perm". The company specializes in the production of pig iron, steel and ferroalloys and plans to build a steel plant for the production of long products. The land area of the enterprise will be 8,8 hectares, and the number of new jobs - 60. For its project Osentsovsky Steel-Rolling Plant LLC is ready to contribute 460 million ₽.

The meeting also considered the project of the company "Forplast" LLC, engaged in the production of hydrocarbons and their derivatives. The company intends to establish the production of polyethylene waxes as well as the production of micronized and oxidized waxes and wax emulsions on the territory of SEZ "Perm". Subsequently, these waxes can be used in road construction, paint and varnish industry, polymer and rubber-technical industries. In addition to the regions of Russia, Forplast is also developing its activities in the CIS countries, South-East Asia and the countries of the Persian Gulf. The total land area of the company will be 2 hectares. LLC "Forplast" is also going to create 150 new jobs. The company plans to invest 224,5 million ₽.

Stella Perm - Plastic Products Plant LLC, a subsidiary of Stella Group LLC, also presented its project. The company plans to build a new production of high-quality, stylish and environmentally friendly PVC products for interior finishing, namely wall and ceiling panels, linings, profiles, corners, skirting boards, etc. STELLA PERMM - Plastic Products Factory LLC is already ready to give 196 million ₽ as investment. The area of the land plot for the production will be 2 hectares. The company also plans to create 135 new jobs on the territory of SEZ.

All five investment projects planned for implementation on the territory of SEZ "Perm" were considered and approved as part of the meeting of the Steering Committee for the Development of SEZ "Perm". Next, all these companies will have to prepare applications for resident status, which will be considered by the Expert Council of the SEZ "Perm".