The working group approved three applications for obtaining the status of residents of SEZ SPT Perm


As part of the Perm Engineering and Industrial Forum 2023, a working group meeting was held to assess passports and financial and economic models of investment projects of potential residents of the special economic zone of industrial production type "Perm".

The meeting was chaired by Alexey Chibisov, Deputy Chairman of the Government - Minister of Industry and Trade of Perm Krai. The working group included representatives of the Administration of the Perm Municipal District, the Ministry of Economic Development and Investment of the Perm Territory, the Administration of the City of Perm, the Department of Regional Development of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the Perm Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Administration of the Federal Tax Service of the Perm Territory, the Investment Development Agency, the Regional Engineering Center Foundation, the Regional Industrial Development Foundation of the Perm Territory, and the Perm branch of the Higher School of Economics Research University The meeting was also attended by representatives of potential residents of SEZ Perm.

During the meeting, the working group members reviewed passports and financial and economic models of investment projects of three companies planning to set up their production facilities on the territory of SEZ Perm.

Among the enterprises intending to become residents of the Special Economic Zone, LLC "Plant GERMES" presented its investment project. This is a Russian high-tech full-cycle enterprise engaged in the development and manufacture of rubber products for various purposes, including explosion-proof fire-resistant gaskets under the HTM brand. On the territory of the special economic zone "Perm" the management of "Zavod HERMES" plans to modernize the production of sealing elements of cable and pipe penetrations, as well as to establish its own production of metal elements of cable and pipe penetrations. In addition, the potential resident of SEZ "Perm" intends to develop new production areas, namely the manufacture of customized metal products and customer drawings, plastic products, production of rubber and silicone mixtures, as well as automotive components. The total area of the land plot will be 1 hectare. Due to the construction of the new production complex, the company plans to create 20 new jobs. The company is ready to invest about 166.7 million ₽ (excluding VAT) to realize its project.

Another company that applied for resident status was UralGazRemont Group's enterprise OOO Perm Zvezda Plant. The aim of the project is to build a new complex for the production of metal structures and technological equipment for the construction of oil and gas facilities. The company is preparing for the production of large-block units of gas pumping units, spare parts for maintenance and repair of gas pumping units, metal structures of infrastructural communications of oil and gas construction facilities, as well as equipment under the import substitution program. The main consumers of the products of the potential resident of the special economic zone will be PJSC Gazprom, PJSC Sibur Holding and others. The Perm Zvezda plant will be located on the territory of the Perm special economic zone on a 2 hectare plot of land. The realization of the project will create 20 new jobs. The amount of investments that Zvezda is ready to make for the implementation of its project will amount to about 580 million ₽ (excluding VAT).

An application for amendment of the terms and conditions of the Agreement on carrying out industrial and production activities in the special economic zone was submitted by the existing resident of SEZ SPT Perm, the metallurgical plant for the production of long products OOO Osentsovsky Steel Rolling Plant. According to the new application, in connection with the expansion of plans to implement the investment project by increasing production and construction volumes, the area of the land plot will increase from 8.8 hectares to 12.5 hectares. The volume of investments, according to the changes, will amount to 2,125 million ₽. It should be reminded that the company plans to set up on the territory of the special economic zone the production of rebar with the diameter of Sh8-25 mm, circles with the diameter of 6-12 mm, as well as other long products (angles, strips of various sizes). The construction of the plant will allow the company to create about 70 new jobs.

During the discussion it was decided that all passports and financial and economic models of investment projects of future residents of SEZ IPT Perm meet the evaluation criteria and were unanimously supported. As a result, all companies that submitted applications will be granted the status of residents of the Perm Special Economic Zone of Industrial and Production Type. The next stage will be the preparation and signing of the Agreement on the implementation of industrial production activities in the territory of SEZ Perm between the residents, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Perm Krai and JSC Management Company SEZ Perm.