Transition to tax monitoring


On January 1, 2024, amendments to the Tax Code simplifying access to tax monitoring for residents of special economic zones in Russia came into force. These changes are aimed at improving tax accounting and reporting, as well as creating a more transparent and convenient business environment in SEZs.

The new tax monitoring system will allow residents to be exempt from a number of audits, receive accelerated VAT refunds and online support from the tax authorities. More detailed information on the "innovation" can be found in the presentation.

Additional information can be obtained on the official website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia, as well as from the Perm SEZ Management Company. Our team of specialists is ready to assist in various aspects. We strive to ensure that all our residents receive the necessary support for the successful development of their business in the special economic zone of industrial and production type "Perm".

Presentation "Transition to tax monitoring"