Archaeologists completed field work on the territory of the Perm SEZ PPT


As part of the design of infrastructure facilities of the Perm Special Economic Zone, a scientific survey of the territory for the presence/absence of archaeological heritage objects is currently underway.

Despite the fact that the territory of the Perm Municipal District is archaeologically well studied, the presence of more than 300 archaeological monuments from the Paleolithic to modern times testifies to the extensive development of the territory of the district in the historical past. This increases the probability of revealing previously unknown archaeological heritage sites.

Research works on the territory of SEZ Perm include archaeological reconnaissance and state historical and cultural expertise of the report based on the results of archaeological research.

Within the framework of field work archaeologists made more than 200 pits, i.e. small excavations, which will allow to determine the presence or absence of cultural heritage objects on the territory of SEZ "Perm".

A technical report on the results of the fieldwork is currently being prepared.